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Eli Roth To Direct SF Horror Movie

Following his latest acting outing in Inglourious Basterds, cinematic polymorth Eli Roth will return to directing with a Sci-Fi horror movie called Endangered Species, reports Variety . He's not giving away anything about the plot just yet, but enthuses, “I haven't been this excited about an idea since the first Hostel,” and promises it will feature a "sick sense of humour”.

Roth is a busy man at the moment, producing Louisiana-based exorcism flick Cotton (directed by former documentary maker Daniel Stamm) which is due for release next year. He’s also scripting Thanksgiving, the mock trailer for which was seen in Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse and developing a script for Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA first cinema starring role in a kung fu pic called The Man With the Iron Fist. Doesn’t sound like he’s much interested in nabbing a Best Director Oscar, does it?

He is not, however, connected in any way to the third Hostel film.