Elebits shot surge

Konami has released the first shots from its debut Wii game - Elebits - and you can see the premiere pictorial treats by clicking the images tab at the top of this very page.

Set in a world where the sole source of power comes from the electrified Elebits, players are tasked with rounding up the cute, but highly-charged, little tinkers - a troublesome task given their reluctance to be captured and their enthusiasm for making mischief.

Above: Your electro-wand can, apparently, move any obstacle to find the elusive Elebits.

A futuristic device (ie the Wii controller) is used to lure - or just unceremoniously hoist - Elebits from their hiding places. Once discovered, the dumpy little energy blobs still have to be corralled successfully, so potential escape routes must be blocked to stop them from doing a runner.

Elebits will be charging up Wii sometime in 2007.

May 25, 2006