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Elebits review

Just pick up the chair with your damn hands!

The first-person perspective helps get you into the mess-making mayhem, and the remote aiming works flawlessly. The only time the whole motion control system breaks down is when you're trying to open or close items. See, Elebits doesn't just have you throwing things left or right, it also recognizes depth and lets you push or pull items in and out of the screen.

Zapping a turkey and placing it inside an oven, however, is way too tough. Everything you grab feels hollow and weightless, and tends to bounce around like crazy if it's not perfectly placed. It's times like these that you want to dive inside the TV, smack the little kid in the face and yell "just use your hands, dammit!"

Doors seem to have a hard time staying open or closed, too. Twisting the knob and popping them open is easy, but getting them to stay open while you run inside is a hassle. Cabinets and drawers suffer from a similar problem.

And even though there are several types of Elebits, the only one that seems to actually impact the game is the alarm-spamming red one. If it goes off, it'll alert other Elebits in the area, sending them in all directions for a better place to hide.

More Info

DescriptionAll the world's power comes from Elebits, tiny creatures with a certain spark. Can you harness their power for your own?
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date12 December 2006 (US), (UK)