Elebits and bobs

Thursday 27 April 2006
It's been confirmed that Konami's first game for Nintendo's Revolution console will be called Elebits and the project is headed by Shingo Mukaitouge, best known for his work on DrumMania.

Elebits gets its name from the stars of the game - small, cute Pikmin-ish creatures who, when not looking endearing, are the source of power for the magical world they inhabit. In fact the 'Ele' part of the name is a reference to 'electricity', while 'bit' is there just to emphasise their small cuteness.

Unfortunately there aren't any details on just how the game works and how the Revolution controller is used, but the purpose of the game seems to be to hunt and collect the Elebits. Konami has also stated that it is attempting to create an experience that can only be played and enjoyed with Revolution's unique controller.

This is another game we hope to see at E3, so we should be able to give you further details next month.