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Here's what The Elder Scrolls: Legends looks like (it's very Hearthstoney)

Bethesda has finally shown how to play its upcoming online card game, The Elder Scrolls: Legends. To answer your first question, yes, it does look a lot like Hearthstone: players try to whittle down each other's HP by summoning allies and casting spells with cards, all powered by a pool of magicka that grows throughout the match. The fundamentals of Legends are familiar, but it does come with a few unique wrinkles.

Dropping units into separate lanes, rather than into one big brawl in the middle of the board, could make for some interesting minion tactics. And giving each player extra card draws as their health diminishes should keep matches from feeling too one-sided.

Now that you've seen it in action, you may be interested to know that The Elder Scrolls: Legends' closed PC beta went live today. Bethesda plans to invite more players over the next few months, and you can sign up for access on the official site now. If PC gaming isn't your jam, Bethesda also plans to put Legends out on iPad "with additional platforms to be announced", but the beta is PC-only at the moment.

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