eFootball trailer: New footage and gameplay details revealed

PES 2022
(Image credit: Konami)

Long-time PES developer Konami has dropped a new trailer for upcoming sports effort eFootball, alongside more details on the free-to-play title which is replacing Pro Evo.

The trailer runs at an impressive six minutes 43 seconds, and includes glimpses at authentic-looking versions of Neymar, Marcus Rashford, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, to name three. More importantly, it showcases eFootball’s ambitious dribbling mechanics in intricate detail. You can view it below:

Accompanying the video-based deep dive are a number of new info nuggets from the Japanese publisher. Again, it’s keen to emphasise the feel of the dribbling, insisting that the game’s one-on-one battles between attacker and defender, or two midfielders, are like no previous footy sim.

“With greater freedom to control how the player will trap the ball, each play becomes a mind game,” says Konami. “A wide array of dribbles and body feints are also available with intuitive commands. In combination, these ensure that every single duel offers an exciting moment for both attacker and defender.”

“Players will be able to control the strength of kicking the ball as well as determining dribbling speed,” continues Konami, which worked with former Barca wizard Andres Iniesta to fine-tune the in-match feel. “From a knock-on all the way to a full dash, just as in real football.” 


(Image credit: Konami)

Completely new to the series is something Konami calls the “sharp kick”. While not a term you’ll hear on Match Of The Day, its inclusion here brings the addition of snappier crosses, fast lofted passes and rising shots. “These new actions take more time to execute, so players need to choose the right opportunities during a match,” says the studio. It certainly sounds unconventional – but often that’s what made PES so special, so there’ll be no cynicism from us until we’ve been hands-on. [On that front: watch this space.]

eFootball is Konami’s first sports offering since announcing that Pro Evolution Soccer was being killed off after three decades tugging at the shirt of EA’s FIFA series. As a result, it’s not stopping at the above improvements. Also coming to this footballing upstart are examples of “physical defence”, such as centre-backs slinging themselves at shots on goal. AI team–mates are said to be more intelligent than ever, while the services of a (curiously unnamed) research institute have been called upon, in order to implement fresh next-gen ball physics.


(Image credit: Konami)

Here, though, is the real biggie: “The new 'Duel' camera zooms in when the player is in a one-vs-one situation, allowing [you] to enjoy the one-on-one scene from a closer distance,” says Konami. “When the player is in a free situation, the field of view expands, allowing the player to send a long pass at the right moment.”

That is a high-risk move – but one which will certainly ensure eFootball feels markedly different from its big-bucks EA rival.

eFootball is released this autumn on PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4 and Xbox One. Want to know how that other football game is shaping up? Then check out our FIFA 22 guide.

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