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EA's robust Reckless Racing raucously rumbles iPhone, iPad

Still high off its purchase of mobile gaming powerhouse Chillingo, EA has recently launched Reckless Racing, one of its most ambitious iPhone games yet.

EA has a bigger budget than just about any other company that's serious about iPhone games, and as such it wanted to go all out - some might even call it reckless - with this latest mobile racer.

The game was first announced in March and just came out in late October. That's a pretty long lead time in the world of iPhone games. But early reviews seem to think it was worth the wait.

"The attention to detail in the game is incredible, with dust and dirt flying behind your vehicle's tires, tire tracks that remain on the course until the race is over, environmental objects like street signs and fences that can be destroyed, and excellent use of lighting and shadows to really bring the game to life," wroteTouch Arcadein its review.

That sounds like phrases we're used to seeing in high-profile PS3 and Xbox 360 game reviews. It's pretty impressive to match that level of intricacy in an iPhone game. Touch Arcade also mentioned the game is pretty short, though, so you gotta take what you can get.

Nevertheless, it's a noteworthy entry from EA's long-running history of games for Apple devices, and a shadow of what's to come now that it owns the most popular iPhone game publisher in the business. Get ready, people. EA's gonna dominate your iEverything pretty soon.

Check out this Reckless Racing trailer to see just how recklessly realistic this resilient racer really is. God, we love the smell of alliteration on a Monday morning.

Oct 25, 2010