EA Playground

The actual concept of an EA playground is one of the most wonderfully absurd things we%26rsquo;ve heard of in a while: a kind of compendium of EA games collected together in the style of a theme park.

How excited you get by this prospect depends entirely on your age, because this one is aimed squarely at sticky-fingered youths. But there%26rsquo;s no doubting it has a certain pizzazz. The minigame that we%26rsquo;re most looking forward to is Tetherball - the game that everyone loves until the ball swings right into your front teeth - which seems a logical infantilization of Wii Sports Tennis. Even the RC car races, we%26rsquo;d wager, might be quite a laugh, taking place as they do over the course of the entire playground. On theDS, things get a bit more touchy-feely and - predictably - a lot more blow-until-you-feel-ill-y.