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EA bringing heavy hitters, like Dead Space 2 and Need For Speed, to iPhone

While some iPhone developers are happy to churn out cutesy puzzle games and continuous remakes oftic-tac-toe, EA is trying to up the ante by creating an ambitious mobile version of Dead Space 2. The publisher also has plans to bring out an iPhone version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which isless of a surprise asit did quite well with its iPhone release of Need for Speed Shift.

Although it's called Dead Space 2, the iPhone game will be completely different from the upcoming console title of the same name. Instead, Dead Space 2 on theiPhone takes place between the original Dead Space and its sequel. The story is exclusive to the mobile game.

EA didn't shed too much light on what kind of experience Dead Space 2 will be, but it'll obviously be a different animal than its console counterpart. It's tough to do survival horror on a mobile device.

As for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, the iPhone version will have 48 race events to compete in, as well as 20 licensed cars and compatibility for multiplayer modes.

EA was one of the first to bring games to Apple devices, way back whenthe iTunes game store first launched for the iPod. It continues to see Apple devices as a valuable platform and is one of the most prolific console developers to actively engage the iPhone and iPad crowd.

Above: An ad from 2007 -EA did iPod gaming before it was cool

Both Dead Space 2 and Hot Pursuit will get visual upgrades for the iPad version, most likely along with slightly higher prices. The two game titles were announced at an Apple event in Japan and were not given release dates or launch details.


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