E3 2011: Like Skyrim? If so, Bethesda will give you free wallpaper and these new screens only BIGGER

Bethesda has released two new screenshots and a wallpaper for your PC desktop via the game's Facebook page. The two in-game screenshots look absolutely sensational. In fact, I'm just going to geek out and say look at the gorgeous lighting that caresses every curve of every object on that table. Geek mode cancelled. Check the screens out here, then head over to the game'sFacebook pageif you wantthem at full size. All they want is a 'like'

Above: "Did you spill my perfectly-rendered pint?"

Above: The new screens don't give away much. Details are a bit woolly, to be honest (groan)

Above: And here's the wallpaper. Is nice, yes? Always good to have a bloke saying 'rah' on your desktop

06 Jun, 2011

Justin Towell

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