E3 2010: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light E3 Trailer

That’s right, you may’ve heard that the DS is getting a new Final Fantasy game that, for once, isn’t a retrofitted port from the days of 16-bit. If that sounds too advantageous for you "Numbered Series Only!" purists, know this: The developers of the above and beyond FFIII and IV remakes are also the folks crafting this little standalone effort that Squeenix fiends won’t be able to get anywhere else. Have a look at the game in motion.

What say you: Epically adorable or MySims: RPG?Tyler Nagata didn’t think much of the story synopsis, but we’ll go ahead and file the Crown Job System and cooperative multiplayer under “Exciting Newness!” Expect to hear much more next week as we jet off to some little event known in some circles as “E3 2010.”

Above: Fours protagonists, each more unlikely than thelast!

Jun 9, 2010