E3 09: Why Metal Gear Solid: Rising will make you love Raiden

So that’s what Konami’s mystery site has been teasing for weeks, then. A rainy field, the occasional lightning strike; it all alludes to a new MGS game, Metal Gear Solid: Rising. As many of us expected, it stars our favourite whiny bleach blonde, Raiden, in the lead role. While we’re still waiting for concrete details, below are the features we expect to see in Hideo Kojima’s latest entry in the much respected stealth series.

Nope, we don’t expect to be doing much cowering in the shadows or wetting our intestine-squeezing lycra under a cardboard box this time. Instead, we reckon Rising will be a much more action-orientated affair, with the emphasis on slaughter over stealth.

Above: Snake's nightmare mini-game from MGS3

You’ll notice the series’ usual ‘Tactical Espionage Action’ tagline has been dropped for ‘Lightning Bolt Action’. We suspect this means Raiden’s mysterious electrical powers – a by-product of his ninja surgery – will be brought very much to the fore. Expect to slice and dice enemy soldiers with katana attacks (Kojima has already tinkered with these mechanics in Metal Gear Solid 3’s hidden samurai mini-game) and barbecue them with lightning.

Ever wondered how Raiden got hold of Solidus Snake’s remains, how he survived being crushed by a massive ship or just how he was transformed from moaning emo agent to killer cyborg ninja? We doubt we’ll have to wonder much longer, as these and several other unanswered Raiden questions from Metal Gear 4 will most likely be answered in Rising’s missions.

Above: How exactly did Jack go from cry-baby to killer?

While the game will certainly slot into the MGS mythology, we think Rising is merely a spin-off. Considering Konami’s teaser site also reveals an image of a young Big Boss, we’d be surprised if Sony don’t confirm the true sequel to Guns of the Patriots – starring Snake’s dad – at Sony's E3 09 press conference.

Above: Big Boss' image possibly teasing MGS5

June 02, 2009

David Meikleham
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