E3 08: 5 things you didn’t know about Fable 2

2) The game tracks the in-game location of every single player who is playing. This information is then filtered down to your XBL friends, who appear as glowing orbs (Molyneux hinted at the potential for filtering by geographical location and other conditions, but this is not implemented). You can talk to them as you pass by, and they can enter your game and mess around as much as they like, regardless of where they are in the story.

3) Your dog cannot travel with you into another player’s game because it would be too processor intensive. Instead, your "world" goes into stasis when you leave, and your dog is there when you get back.

4) Like you, your dog cannot die, but it can become very injured. Regardless of its level of injury, it will still try to follow you everywhere you go. You could run ten miles away and stand still, and eventually it would limp to your side. If your crippled dog finds you in a town, the townfolk will think you’re a horrible person, hurting your reputation.

5) There is a bard who appears in each town, follows you around, and sings about your exploits. You can kill the bastard if you like, and he’ll stay dead, never to return again. Apparently not all the developers were keen on having this character they’d worked so hard on killable, but Molyneux insisted. After all, he’s designed to make us want to kill him.

Jul 16, 2008