E3 07: Sixaxis to rumble in September?

Rumble maker Immersion has announced it has entered into a partnership with gaming peripheral manufacturer Katana Game Accessories, which “will begin distributing peripherals for Sony PlayStation products in North America” in September bearing the TouchSense logo.

It has been widelyreportedthat the new TouchSense technology will be utilized to create a new, rumble-enabled, PS3 Sixaxis controller.

Sony reportedlyinformed Kotakuthat rumble is definitely coming to PS3, it's just a matter of when, and this latest press release from Immersion certainly raises the possibility that it could be in September.

“Under the terms of the license, these products will now bear Immersion's Feel The Game TouchSense Technology logo,” reads the press release from which the news emanated.

Article courtesy ofNext Generation.

July 11, 2007