E3 07: Halo live-action movie footage

Among all the Halo-centric sweetness blasting forth from E3, we thought we'd make mention of the ill-fated, Peter Jackson (Lord of the Ring, King Kong) produced live-action movie that apparently wasn't to be. Production of the Halo movie stalled early on due to disputes over, you guessed it, money. Doubley sad, because we can think of few properties better suited and more deserving of a cinematic adaptation than the Halo saga.

Today Bungie has been generous enough to give us a peek at some rough footage of what almost was. It's not without a slight Starship Troopers cheese factor, but seeing racks of realish M6D pistols, a Warthog assembly line, and a sweeping warehouse filled with puke green helmets is undeniably cool. Click here to see for yourself.