E3 07: Assassin's Creed bug "already fixed"

Thursday 12 July 2007
If you've been following E3 closely then you will have heard about the Assassin's Creed bug that made Ubisoft's Jade Raymond emit a squeal of horror when she was demoing the game at Microsoft's press conference on Tuesday night. However, Ubisoft has told GamesRadar that the bug has already been sorted.

In fact, the game's senior combat animator, Kristjan Zadziuk, assured us that the problem had been addressed a week ago, prior to E3. "There was a problem when Altair [the game's lead character] hit someone and he just floated, but that's been fixed - I know because I'm the guy that fixed it." Zadziuk revealed that the bug had been identified and squashed from the E3 code at Ubisoft's renowned Montreal studio last Thursday. Unfortunately, though, the new version couldn't be given the green light ahead of this week's show. "You can't just throw something in and not test it - the whole thing has to be bug tested and that takes time, so we had to go with the most 'stable' version."

We got the chance to play Assassin's and, while the visuals and wonderfully fluid free-running impressed, it does feel a little clunky and twitchy in places, which tarnishes the experience. However, the team at Montreal has a great track record and we're hopeful they'll be able to smooth out any rough edges between now and the game's release in November.

Matt Cundy
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