E3 06: MotoGP 2006

For those who love racing of the two-wheeled variety, MotoGP has long been the benchmark for motorcycle racing videogames. Climax's Xbox series has always looked fabulous and played even better. And now it’s making the leap to the Xbox 360.

Before you get too excited, though, it should be pointed out that this is basically a gussied-up port of the Xbox's MotoGP 3, complete with a handful of new features and tracks. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but fans should know what they're getting into.

Tracks included? Well, along with overhauled versions of every circuit found in MotoGP 3, you'll also get to run in Istanbul and China's Shanghai circuit. And you'll get to do it in the revamped career mode, single-race mode, and, of course, against other players over Xbox Live. Oh, and this time, you can race with up to 19 other people over the information superhighway.

May 12, 2006