E3 06: Gears of War in motion

While attending Microsoft’s pre-E3 conference, we were treated to a demo of Gears of War, the staggeringly attractive 360 shooter. It’s odds-on to become the most exciting game of the year for Microsoft’s next-gen hardware - just take a look at these new screens to check the game’s impressive form for yourself.

Set on a ruined, alien-infested Earth, Gears of War is an all-out bullet-buffet. The heavy focus on combat stresses rigorous use of cover, with enemies constantly pouring fire into your general direction. You can dive into cover, hunker down and move about, lean out to blast off a few shots, or leap over obstacles to charge into new cover positions. Brilliantly, you can also blind-fire, holding your weapon out and just blasting away without risking your neck with careful aiming.