Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM

Either mode begins with three or four mobile suits at your disposal. The goal, of course, is to slice through waves of enemies while maintaining a constant push towards the end or current objective. There are 18 suits in all, each with minor differences in attack and stats, plus the ability to gain levels. Mobile suit pilots will also be able to advance their standing in different ways.

Most of the game takes place in familiar Dynasty settings (flat, open terrain) but there are also a number of 3D space missions to contend with. As we all know, some Gundams can transform, and while in space they're only limited by an overheat meter that refills while in standard fightin' mode. Hopefully these space missions will add to the experience rather than feel like tacked-on extras that dilute the metal-mashing gameplay.

There are no online modes to speak of (travesty!), but we're still hoping the combination of a tested formula with an undying franchise will equal a compelling game. If it doesn't, well,we kinda called it already.

Brett Elston

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