Duck Season review

Opening with deserted shots of a sleepy-eyed Mexican city, Duck Season promptly locks itself inside the apartment of two gobby 14-year-olds (Daniel Miranda and Diego Cataño) trying to kill off another dull Sunday. They've got cola. They've got videogames. They've got pizza. Things are looking good - - until the power fails...

As the kids torment/befriend the pizzaman (Enrique Arreola) and their 16-year-old neighbour (Danny Perea), writer/director Fernando Eimbcke's mooching comedy-drama amuses in fits and starts. But hopscotching across themes of confusion, loneliness and divorce, this snapshot of adolescent boredom proves just a little too, well, boring. And it doesn't help that neither of the two potty-mouthed little scrotes shape up like the next Gael García Bernal.

In fact, it's Arreola's pizzaman Ulises who slowly emerges as the point of intrigue, his lost-in-life musings building to a curveball jolt of magical realism.

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