Driveclub PS Plus Edition's out tomorrow, but only offline for most

Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition will finally release on Thursday, but Sony's keeping its online features in neutral for now. The stripped-down version of Driveclub will be playable in offline mode only for most players, at least at first.

The full game was wracked by online connectivity problems when it released back in October, which was largely why the PS Plus Edition was delayed in the first place. Weeks of desperate troubleshooting (and likely a not-insignificant number of players getting fed up and leaving) later, Driveclub's online connected features finally smoothed out, and have stayed that way ever since.

Driveclub PS Plus Edition runs on the same servers, so Sony is making sure the same problems don't crop up again when a new wave of racers flood the streets of India (that's the only region included in the PS Plus Edition). More players will be able to get online over time, but at least you can make progress in the offline mode while you wait for your number to be called.

Sony also plans to re-launch Driveclub's companion app, which was pulled down after release to help with online issues, after it sorts out the PS Plus Edition. Driveclub's full version, PS Plus edition, and app were all originally meant to launch alongside the PS4, so it's about time they all finally hit the road.

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