Dreaming Of Joseph Lees review

Filmed entirely on the Isle of Man, but set in England and Italy during the late 1950s, Dreaming Of Joseph Lees is the ripe tale of a passion-filled love triangle set against the backdrop of an earthy, rural landscape.

Eva (Morton) dreams of escaping the farming land she calls home and her desires focus on her enigmatic archaeologist cousin Joseph Lees (Graves). But Lees disappears, and when the local pig farmer Harry (Ross) professes his undying love for her, she reluctantly settles down with him. But when Lees resurfaces, Eva must make a decision about which man is really for her.

An enchanting performance by Morton, a sweeping crescendo laden score and some evocative rustic scenery help distract from the clunking, cliché-ridden script. But it's hardly an intimate or insightful study of the complexities of misplaced amour, making Joseph Lees no more than mildly diverting at best.

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