Drawn to Life review

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Never before has the stylus imbued so much, well, style. Even as inclined as the most jaded game reviewer can be to rush through a game in their effort to get to the bottom of things, we began to to take an enormous sense of pride in our art work. Toiling over the perfect color forsomething as minute as a moving platform, or designing a snazzy hang glider, is kind of the point of Drawn to Life. And we found ourselves captivated by the originality of the game's customability.

Above: If you lived in Dingleberi Hollow, you'd be home by now

But it should be said that even the stuff you don't draw is still lusciously animated and oozing with cuteness. The adorable creatures even cry when you close your DS and rejoice when you open it. We started the game and immediately felt bad for our absence and quicklydid our bestto get rid of the shadows plaguing the townspeople, as well as bringing back the sun and getting some crops growing. How'd we do this? By drawing a smiling sun, tapping the darkened clouds, and designing the Banya stalks that would help repopulate the fallen city. Which we also named. (*tee hee*)

Essentially, what you're doing is playing a game largely of your own creation. As you've come to expect from the Radar, we veered more towards the goofy and juvenile. Our "snowshooter"wound up being a rat that fired slush from his butthole. It was truly Hanta-tastic!

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DescriptionIf you've always wanted to draw your own game character, weapons and other stuff, this is your chance. Our guy will look like Mega Man with Spider-Man standing on his head - Our two favorite men.
US censor rating"Everyone"
UK censor rating""
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)