Dragon's Lair on Blu-Ray review

Ye olde tyme arcade game gets a new media facelift

To help a little with the DL’s chronically frustrating and often difficult game play, Digital Leisure has included a few visual clues so you can get a better idea of proper timing and correct direction to move. It makes the game a little easier, reducing – but certainly not eliminating - the number of vulgarities that will spew forth from the most polite gamers when being crushed by the self-filling brick wall for the umpteenth time.

When you finally reach maximum pissoffedness with the game you can instead watch all the animations straight through with all the correct and deadly choices. Unfortunately, you cannot watch it sans deaths as on an earlier PC release (which makes for a rather cute 13 minute mini movie).

More Info

DescriptionA great looking but pricey reissue of the infamous arcade game. It's slightly easier to play thanks to additional cues, but as classically frustrating as ever and somewhat glitchy on some Blu-Ray players.
Release date9 April 2007 (US), 9 April 2007 (UK)