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Dragon's Lair on Blu-Ray review

Ye olde tyme arcade game gets a new media facelift


  • Beautifully restored animation
  • Move assistance
  • Improved surround sound


  • Same touchy
  • frustrating game
  • Short
  • often dull commentaries
  • Lack of deathless Watch mode

Though he’s undoubtedly died millions of times, Dirk the Daring certainly has lived a long life through the many re-releases of the Dragon’s Lair. The latest reincarnation of the laserdisc-based, Don Bluth-animated arcade game comes in the form of a Blu-Ray disc, playing much the same way as the original.

With the illusion of control, you press the either the Select or directional buttons at precisely the right moment to queue up either successful moves, daring battles or a skin-stripping demise thanks to a giggling Lizard King, slimy lava monsters and googly-eyed purple beasties. You can also play it in the Blu-Ray-friendly PS3 using X button and either the directional pad or the left thumbstick.

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DescriptionA great looking but pricey reissue of the infamous arcade game. It's slightly easier to play thanks to additional cues, but as classically frustrating as ever and somewhat glitchy on some Blu-Ray players.
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)