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Download Nintendo demos at airports

The torturous wait for departures at the airport will not be quite as bad for some lucky travellers as Nintendo has fitted DS download stations at airports.

The download stations, pictured below, have been distributed to airports across the US including New York's John F. Kennedy International, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky.

Fire up your DS and go to Download Play and you'll be able to nab cut-down versions of Brain Age, Elite Beat Agents, Cooking Mama or Tomb Raider: Legend. These demos will be periodically rotated with new ones, to keep things fresh.

Of course, you can only store one demo at a time and they disappear when you turn your DS off. But if you leave the DS on (in sleep mode), you could have the demo for your whole flight - if you like it that much.

May 16, 2007