Download Echochrome demo NOW!

Log into your Japanese PSN account immediately and check out the PSN Store because Sony has made available a demo of the brilliant-looking Echochrome.

You'll find two demos there, in fact - one for the PSP and one for PS3 (you'll recognise which is which by the file size - the PS3 one is bigger).

Echochrome, in case you haven't heard, is a mind-boggling puzzle game in which you manipulate levels to help a little man reach the end. The game uses optical illusions as the basis for all its clever puzzles, making for one of the most unique-looking titles due from Sony this year.

Today is update day for the UK PSN, so hopefully the game will appear there too, for those of you too lazy to make a Japanese PSN login. No word on availability in the US.


Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 6, 2008