Double Fine upgrades Kickstarter campaign with new rewards and Ron Gilbert interview

With over $2.24 million dollars in the bank and nearly 600% over its initial goal, it's safe to say Double Fine's adventure game Kickstarter campaign has crowd-sourced its way into video game history. Now determined to drive that total even higher in its final 15 days, Double Fine has posted a 35-minute interview with Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer, as well as a handful of new donation rewards.

As detailed on the official Kickstarter page, Tim Schafer and team are offering even more goodies for numerous donation tiers. Those who donate $30 will get a digital copy of the documentary soundtrack, on top of the documentary series itself, the game's soundtrack, and all the rewards within the lesser categories. Coughing up $100 will now net a Special Edition box with a DVD or Blu-Ray version of the documentary, plus all the previous $100 tier prizes; and chipping in $500 will get you The Double Fine Adventure Book, a hardcover art book sporting 100-plus pages of concepts, bios, scripts, and developer musings. This will also be available as a PDF file for $60 contributors.

“This project has really grown into something much larger than we were expecting, which is - scientifically speaking - awesome,” wrote Double Fine. “Many of you have been asking if this means we’ll be taking a bit more time with the production, and the answer is yes.This is not a cute, quick little game anymore. This is the real deal. This is a capital-G Game. This means that some rewards might show up a bit later than originally intended but fear not, it’s all to make sure we provide you with something that is worthy of the love bomb you detonated over Double Fine. Kaaaaa-blooooxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxo!”

Aside from hinting at old-school goodness in the video above, Double Fine hasn't given many details about its upcoming adventure game. Given the buzz its Kickstarter campaign has generated, that's likely to change once the campaign wraps up on March 13.

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