Donkey Kong Country is coming to Switch Online this month

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Super Nintendo classic Donkey Kong Country will soon be playable on Switch, headlining a new batch of NES and SNES games coming to the Switch Online subscription service July 15.

Also coming to the SNES selection of games is 1994's Natsume Championship Wrestling. Meanwhile, the Switch Online's NES category is getting the 1990 dark fantasy RPG The Immortal.

Do be warned, Donkey Kong Country is punishing. I came home from Japan early this year with a Super Famicom and a copy of DKC, hoping to reinvigorate my love of the 16-bit era. Confident that my muscle memory from childhood would power me through the game, I found myself a broken man a couple of hours later having not even made it to the second world. Be prepared to die a lot, and resist the urge to throw your Switch at the TV.

If you want to play Donkey Kong Country on Switch but aren't subscribed to Switch Online, you can buy a subscription for $4/£3.49 a month, $8/£7 every three months, or $20/£18 a year. Obviously, you get access to online multiplayer on the Switch, but you'll also have immediate access to a pretty generous selection of NES and SNES games, including most of the classics as well as plenty of more niche titles. For retro gaming fans, it's more than worth the entry price.

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