Dog breaks Dead Space 2 disc, game's art director responds like a boss

Visceral may have aimed to make mothers unhappy with Dead Space 2, but it has made one fan's day, and y'know what? We're not even going to be cynical about it. Sometimes people do nice things.

Ashley liked Dead Space, but was disappointed when she heard that Dead Space 2 may be toned down. She stated her concerns on Twitter, and Dead Space Art Director Ian Milham responded, assuring her that the sequel would be just as awesome. She agreed to give it a shot, but vowed to give Milham a hard time if the game didn't deliver.

Dead Space 2 delivered... A PACKAGE OF PAIN. Ashley loved the game, but her dog wasn't so convinced - it knocked over her 360, destroying the disc. She did what any of us would do in the same situation and tweeted about her pain, and, recalling her earlier exchange, let Milham know that the game had been awesome (pre-dog-knocking-over-thing). Milham responded by asking for her address. This is what he sent:

Above: A drawing of Isaac scolding Ashley's dog, and anew copy of Dead Space 2, signed by the team... in case that wasn't apparent

D'aaw! Now we're jealous. We're taking a field trip to the pound to adopt the dog most likely to break stuff - we'll update you with the results.

UPDATE: Dead Space 2 disc still intact. Blood everywhere. We've made a huge mistake.

[Source: Ashley's blog via Reddit]

Feb 3, 2011

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