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Doctor Whos 49th Anniversary: The 7 Ages Of A Who Fan

Look – ordinary people do know and love the show too! And they’re of all age ranges…

“I love Doctor Who because he’s really clever and the stories are clever and fun.”
Alex Hill, 11, Somerset

“I enjoy Doctor Who because it has good action scenes as well as having a good plot through each episode. The relationship which Amy has with Rory and the Doctor is good due to Rory’s jealousy when Amy is with the Doctor.”
Jack Hopkins, 16, UK

Doctor Who is fun. It’s whimsical and yet smart. It’s great escapism. I didn’t grow up with Doctor Who , but watching it takes me back to being a kid, staying up late to watch my favourite sci-fi shows.”
Grace Carr, 21, Texas

“For me Doctor Who has always meant family. As a child it was the one time a week you could guarantee we would be together. Now it reminds me of good times with my mum.
Janine Burke, 37, Australia

Doctor Who has always been a part of my life and now it’s become one of my daughter’s biggest interests in a way I never thought it would. It brings people together of all different ages and that is brilliant!”
Gill Neal, 50, UK

“I have been watching the Doctor since the late ’60s. I still get frightened when the Weeping Angels or the Daleks make an appearance. I am always fascinated by the ‘new’ Doctor that turns up after the previous one is killed. The different time periods he appears in coupled with the wonderful costuming means that I still adore it after 60 years; mind you, I never thought I would still be scared of Doctor Who .”
Rosemary Lennon, 61, Airdrie, Scotland

“It’s exciting and I like futuristic things – rather than historical things, they bore me to tears. It’s very clever, all the effects they do. I think Matt whatever he’s called – Matt Baker I was going to say – he has a very expressive face and a nice manner, and he deals with people well. I like his companions these days – I didn’t like that Catherine Tate – I like that Amy, Amelia Pond, but I do find it a little bit tricky trying to get my brain round all this space travel. It’s good for my brain working it all out!”
Rosemary Ireland, 73, Newcastle upon Tyne

• Article taken from SFX ’s Doctor Who: The Fanzine , now available at half price

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