Doctor Who "The Power Of Three" Spoiler-Free Preview

• Three-quarters a brilliant episode, only let down by a disappointingly “Is that it? climax. But there is a lot of fun to be had along the way.

• Until that climax it’s like a very appealing mix “Turn Left” and “The Lodger” with an Quatermass story taking place in the background. Though it has its own unique structure too.

• Despite being an episode that concentrates on Amy and Rory, it’s an absolute tour de force for Matt Smith’s Doctor – he’s a delight to watch.

• The Doctor uses a skill he hasn’t used since season five.

• There are some very creepy moments, made creepier by how crazy everything else is going on around them.

• Brian is very thorough.

• There are some lovely moments of recognition for fans.

• There as return to those “appearing as themselves” cameos… big time. And very well chosen a couple of them are too.

• The biggest laugh concerns a song you never wanted to hear again.

• It’s often at its best in its quieter, character moments. There’s a very simple, but incredibly moving scene between Brian and the Doctor.

• “Welcome back, Lefty!”

• One guest character is rather wasted, but another is simply brilliant.

• Amy has a new job.

• Someone has to water the flowers.

• There are lots of surprises.

• Amy wears a very nice dress at one point.

• Two famous artists are namechecked.

• There’s something very strange cooking on the barbecue.

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Dave Golder
Freelance Writer

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