Doctor Who 7.08 "Cold War" Spoiler-Free Preview

Some cryptic clues about what to expect in the next episode of Doctor Who

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Random thoughts and spoiler-free clues about what to expect in the next episode of Doctor Who , “Cold War” which airs next Saturday 13 April.

Oh, Vienna!

Monsters have daughters too.

One snatch of dialogue should remind long-time fans of "Pyramids Of Mars".

"I am in chainssssssss".

It's accepted the TARDIS can't be around for too long in this sort of story, but will the explanation here please everyone?

"Am I speaking Russian?"

It'd be a great episode for a dark winter's night - as opposed to a bright spring one when the sun might stream in and reflect off your screen...

Not one, but two instances of a B-word we haven't heard on Who for a little while.

If you smell like a soldier, that can matter.

There's a very funny line relating to a pop group.

Nice behind-the-sofa-style pre-credits teaser.

"Stay here. Don't argue." "I'm not."

Clara comes out with a great word relating to the Ice Warrior.

Why doesn't he break free sooner?

Who stories you might be reminded of? "The Waters Of Mars", "The Curse Of The Black Spot", "Victory Of The Daleks" possibly. And the film Alien .

There's a very tenuous link with a James Bond film - but that's perhaps a little mischievous of us.

The episode is largely the sort of thing you will be expecting. But there is one thing in it you almost certainly won't be expecting...

"Cold War" airs on BBC One on Saturday 13 April at 6.15pm.

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