Disgaea 2 out this autumn

Monday 10 July 2006
Koei has announced that Disgaea 2, the follow up to the highly rated RPG Disgaea: The Hour of Darkness, will be released for PS2 this autumn, and we've got a fresh batch of screens to ready you for its return.

The original game was a complex and intriguing RPG that used an isometric viewpoint similar to that used in Final Fantasy Tactics. It followed the story of Prince Laharl trying to secure his ascension to the throne after the death of his father.

Developer Nippon Ichi has been listening to the demands of fans of the original game with regard to implementing change so, consequently, the action will now take in a fully 3D environment and the story will play out in anime cutscenes.

Also new to the game is the Dark Court system that rewards gamers for being bad. However, every action you take has both positive and negative consequences so a balanced approach may pay dividends.