Discover horror effects at the Raindance Film Festival

If you have aspirations to be a filmmaker and are wondering to go about adding special effects to low-budget flicks, perhaps this two-day course at the Raindance Film Festival can help you out.

There's a special effects course on the 18th and 19th of July (next week) run by Dan Martin. It's a two-day intensive session which will teach the basics of making low-budget blood and gore for films, running 10am to 6pm both days.

The quickest way to make any film more impressive is to add special effects. Problem is, special effects can be very expensive - until now. Special effects master Dan Martin will take you through a series of techniques designed to add blood without the sweat to your movie.

It takes place at Craven Street Rehearsal Rooms, 10 Craven St, London WC2N 5PE, and costs £275 + VAT. Call 0207 287 3833 to register, or check out the official website .