Disaster Movie review

Contender for most apt movie title ever

Why did Robert De Niro make that animated moose movie? Why can't Keira Knightley close her mouth properly? And why, oh why, is the spoof franchise that began with Scary Movie still churning 'em out?

Disaster Movie might involve a tornado, but like Date Movie, Epic Movie and Meet The Spartans before it, this one is less a pointed genre satire than a directionless grab-bag of fart gags and break-dancing set pieces performed by a cast of reality TV stars. This lot make Carmen Electra looks like a RADA-trained thesp.

Juno, No Country For Old Men and Hellboy are all satirised (or is it plagiarised?) and while the Javier Bardem wig might raise a titter, inevitably something about glasshouses, stones and the people who shouldn't throw them comes to mind.

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