Dinosaur King

The system also gets a bit deeper with elemental cards, which when applied to a particular attack add a second layer to the counter system (for instance, lightning-scissors is doubly powerful against air-paper). You also have to consider move points, which vary depending on the type of attack. Once you%26rsquo;ve expended your points for one attack, you can%26rsquo;t use that attack for the rest of that battle, so you have to consider the timing of each attack.

At first the system seemed incredibly basic, and couldn%26rsquo;t possibly hold interest for any but the youngest of gamers. However, the combination of collecting dinos and working on the secondary layers of the system could prove fun for the slightly older kids. We didn%26rsquo;t get enough time with it to determine whether the depth holds up against the luck factor. Even so, older Pokemon-type fans probably won%26rsquo;t find enough strategy here, but the little Pikachu-heads may find it a welcome change of pace with some dino-fact learning thrown in to boot.

May 19th, 2008