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Digimon review

Digimon, as any hyperactive six year old will tell you, stands for Digital Monster - computer-generated gremlins who start off cute but "digivolve" into reptilian behemoths whenever they get riled. This big-screen version of the popular children's TV series offers some explanation as to their genesis.

After a brief flashback showing the hatching of the first "digi-egg", the film jumps forward to introduce a malevolent computer virus called Diabormon intent on destroying the world via the internet. On opposite sides of the globe, plucky kids Izzy and Wallace fight to defeat their spider-like nemesis, using digimon whose skills range from handy fire-breathing to the dodgier headbutting.

Crass and incoherent it may be, but Digimon beats Pokémon hands down by at least poking fun at the stupidity of its concept. Indeed, it's hard not to warm to a kid's flick that justifies one of its beast's actions by saying "he has a lot of issues".

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