Did You Hear About The Morgans? review

A high-flying couple get the short straw with their Witness Relocation programme..

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Estranged Manhattan power couple the Morgans witness a hit after an altogether unsuccessful reconciliation dinner.

Exiled into protective custody together in remote Wyoming while the Feds track down the assassin, they’re forced to exist without the trappings of modern life – phones, internet, etc – fendin’ off bears and shootin’ at cans before, as you’d expect, rekindlin’ their flaccid marriage.

Writer-director Marc Miss Congeniality Lawrence’s fish-out-of-water romcom suffers in the main from having a female lead who can’t do comedy.

A decade of delivering Carrie Bradshaw’s self-satisfied bon mots has no more transformed elegant fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker into a clown than sticking a tutu on pratfall queen Sandra Bullock would make her a prima ballerina.

SJP’s boutique real-estate agent Meryl is written ditzy but played painfully straight, making a distractingly haggard Hugh Grant’s mugging and quips as her legal-eagle husband look like anomalies in this all-too-predictable trip to Dullsville, USA.

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