Developers behind Bioshock-esque FPS RPG finally give desperate players a new peek at the game, with literal breadcrumbs

Clockwork Revolution screenshot Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Do you remember Clockwork Revolution, the time-twisting first-person roleplaying game that looked an awful lot like Bioshock Infinite? News on the game has been quite scarce, so the studio gave eager players literal breadcrumbs to tide them over. 

InXile Entertainment, the studio behind the isometric Wasteland RPGs, revealed its debut first-person game last summer. We know that your decisions will have a ripple effect through time. We know that it's set in a cool, retro-futuristic city. And we know that it's releasing on Xbox and PC. But now, the studio has graced us with a "bread crust texture." No joke. 

InXile's social media account jokingly claimed that there were "no laws" on Leap Day. One player then challenged the account to show off Clockwork Revolution - since it was supposedly a lawless day, after all - and InXile delivered in the only way that wouldn't get the studio in trouble with corporate daddy Microsoft. See below. 

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Is that a top-down view of a bread roll? Is that an actual crumb? Why does bread in this game look so detailed? What happens to food degradation when I travel back in time? These crumbs delivered more questions than answers, and I won't be satisfied until I see this bread crust in the game's steampunk setting, honestly. 

Microsoft previously revealed that any similarities between Bioshock Infinite and Clockwork Revolution (the cloudy city, golden architecture, floating railways) were unintentional. Regardless, its game director cited Vampire: The Masquerade and Arcanum as bigger influences

While we wait for more crumbs, check out the new games coming in 2024 and beyond on all platforms. 

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