Explore the world with the best locations in the Deus Ex series

Before Mankind got all Divided and Adam Jensen settled down in Prague (well, sort of), Deus Ex was one of the most globetrotting series in gaming. Let’s take a tour of the sumptuous and strange locations of tomorrow.

Vandenberg Air Force Base, California - Deus Ex

This airbase was originally owned by the military, until one of California’s famous earthquakes destroyed the place. Now it’s being run by X-51, a group of ex-Area 51 staff (oh, we see what you did there). So how much of California do you get to explore? Zero. You don’t even get to have a go on an earthquake. Bah.

Area 51, Nevada - Deus Ex

One of the top-secret bases of the Illuminati, and the silliest aspect of Deus Ex. It turns out the government have been experimenting on aliens. We can buy the Illuminati and evil corporations, but extra- terrestrials? This was too dumb to make it into Human Revolution, and that’s a game that lets you chuck vending machines at your boss.

Seattle, Washington - Deus Ex: Invisible War

After ‘The Collapse’ (a period of war and recession JC Denton caused in the first game), Seattle is in ruins. But why rebuild when you can erect a few pillars, lay down a platform and create a lovely new Seattle on top of it? Upper Seattle is a rich man’s paradise, while lower Seattle belongs to the criminals, raiders and other ne’er-do-wells.

Tarsus Academy, Chicago - Deus Ex: Invisible War

The 2072 hometown of Alex Denton, the protagonist of Invisible War, who suffers a devastating terrorist attack in the opening level. A Knights Templar extremist destroys almost all of the inner city, killing everyone in range of his nuclear blast. Luckily, Alex manages to escape on a helicopter. Otherwise it would be a pretty short game.

Liberty Island, New York - Deus Ex

The original game begins with JC Denton in the New York of 2052, and what better way to establish it’s the future than with a headless Statue of Liberty? It’s an idea so good, Cloverfield ripped it off eight years later. We forget why Lady Liberty is missing her iconic dome. Probably because the developers were rubbish at creating faces.

Montreal, Canada - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Canada feels like perfect Deus Ex territory. No matter how many vending machines we throw at people or buildings we break into, those Montreal NPCs just aren’t able to stop being polite. Alas, this level is part of Human Revolution’s boxed-in second half, so our trip is restricted to being inside buildings. What’s the point of coming at all then, eh?

London - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Foul-mouthed limeys that we are at OXM, we were excited to explore the London of 2029. Yet it wasn’t to be, as this level restricts us to staying inside during a fancy event. At least we can have fun irritating the London security guards. “Piss off,” they spit, as Adam tries to go through a restricted area once again. Can’t beat that famous British charm.

Chateau, just outside Paris - Deus Ex

After a quick tour of Paris’ nighttime streets, JC Denton breaks into a chateau (we think that’s French for ‘chatty house’). Denton resists raiding the cellar and getting drunk on good wine and instead listens to a good moan about how the world is being controlled by the Illuminati. That’s a lot to take in, JC. Sure you don’t want a drink?

Trier, Germany - Deus Ex: Invisible War

One of Germany’s oldest cities is the 2072 home of Panzerwerks, a.k.a the world’s leading corporation in manufacturing military and security robots. We tried warning our editor of this before he flew out to Cologne for Gamescom, but he said to stop being an idiot and get on with writing this feature. No one’s seen or heard from him since.

Prague, Czech Republic - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Prague is the best Deus Ex level ever made. Several districts of militant police, terrified augmented citizens and *shudders* hipsters. There’s a high security bank you can break into, a cigar bar you can choke your life away in and loads of other fun Czech attractions/scenes of brutality to enjoy. An essential trip.

Cairo Arcology, Cairo - Deus Ex: Invisible War

Old Cairo is a slum, where the poor breathe poisonous air all day into their financially disappointing lungs. Meanwhile, wealthier types enjoy the luxuries of the Cairo Arcology, which has atmospheric barriers that protect against the virus. Just to be on the safe side, have you rich dudes considered moving to... oh, we don’t know, anywhere else on Earth?

Omega Ranch, Singapore - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Adam Jensen sneaks aboard a ship to get to the Omega Ranch, in the hopes of saving several scientists. But put away your cameras, as there’s sadly no time for sightseeing. All we get of Singapore is this secret base, another example of Human Revolution’s addiction of keeping Adam cooped indoors. He doesn’t even try any fish-head curry. Waste of a trip, then.

Hengsha, Shanghai - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

You know the drill. Lower Hengsha is poor and crime-y, while Upper Hengsha is home to the wealthy. It’s brighter, richer and even features colours that aren’t black and gold. It’s the grit of Lower Hengsha we fondly remember, though, helping people in brothels (not like that) and avoiding the trigger- happy cops. It’s the highlight of Human Revolution.

JC Denton’s Sanctuary, Antarctica - Deus Ex: Invisible War

JC Denton is hiding in a secret Antarctic base during Invisible War. Alas, not everyone is cool with Denton chilling in a secret base, and decide to put his plans on ice by sending assassins to get the (snow)drop on him. Yeah, we know a snowdrop is a type of flower, and so that last one didn’t really work. Drat!

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