Destroy millions of dollars' worth of cars in Danger Zone, an HD homage to Burnout's crash mode

The Burnout series may be languishing in some circle of development / rights-ownership hell, but that's not going to stop the team at Three Fields Entertainment. They've created Danger Zone; a wonderful HD homage - one might even call it a spiritual successor - to one of the series' best features, Crash Mode. Behold:

This isn't just some group of fans trying to recapture the magic of lost youth spent listening to Crash FM and DJ Stryker playing bands like Yellowcard, Amber Pacific, Motion City Soundtrack, and more Yellowcard. Three Fields Entertainment was founded by Alex Ward, Fiona Sperry, and Paul Ross, all former employees of Criterion - AKA the studio that made Burnout. So if anyone knows what they're doing in this space, it's these ladies and gents.

The game is available now for PC and PS4, and if you're not already convinced that it's worth at least a test drive, I don't think anything will convince you. *sings to himself* We are the lazy generation, no more standing out in line, so good at wasting our time...

Ah, good times.

Sam Prell

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