Destiny's Iron Banner is live after a slight infini-rocket related delay

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Destiny has fixed its infinite rockets glitch, which means Iron Banner is back on after a slight delay. I know it was probably for the best, but I wouldn't have minded just one day of fierce power-level-enabled competition with endless soup, salad, and rockets. Oh well.

This week's event is all about Control, the capture-and-hold style match that gives teams bonus points for keeping key parts of the map locked down. Click through the gallery below to see which rewards are on offer from Lord Saladin and the post-match loot table.

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Fusion Rifles (Purchase at Rank 4)
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Sidearms (Purchase at Rank 5)
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Titan Armor (Purchase at Rank 3)
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Warlock Armor (Purchase at Rank 3)
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Hunter Armor (Purchase at Rank 3)
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PlayStation-exclusive gauntlets (Purchase at Rank 3)

Iron Banner will still conclude with the Weekly Reset at 2 am PDT / 10 am BST on Wednesday, June 1 despite its late start. Speaking of starting over fresh, the rocket launcher glitch also prompted Bungie to cancel the Trials of Osiris last weekend. There's no word on when Guardians will be able to start brawling for the Lighthouse again, but I doubt Brother Vance will keep you waiting for too long.

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