A year later, more people than ever are playing Destiny

Destiny is kind of a big deal. Or rather, it was, back in September 2014. Turns out that in September 2015, it's actually an even bigger deal. Activision announced today that not only has Destiny expansion The Taken King broken records for the most downloaded day-one game in PlayStation history, but it has also surpassed the number of day-one players both total and concurrent compared to its launch one year ago.

Now, if you care for some salt with your press release: this information comes straight from Activision, which naturally has a vested interest in puffing its chest and putting things in the best possible light. For example, you'll notice that Destiny: The Taken King's day-one downloads were only mentioned to be record-breaking on PlayStation platforms, and even then it's not specified how many of those are PS4 vs PS3 (and how many on Xbox?). The press release noting new benchmarks for day-one players, though … that seems pretty cut and dry.

Destiny. It's kind of a big(ger) deal.

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Sam Prell

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