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Destiny 2's second Faction Rally will scale back Heroic Public Event rewards

Destiny 2 is changing the rules a bit for the next Faction Rally. The second coming of the event (that's basically an action-packed version of setting out one tip jar to represent a team and then another to represent its rival so that everybody tips more) will begin on Tuesday, November 7 and conclude on Monday, November 13. The most notable change, aside from new loot, is that Heroic Public Events may no longer be the undisputed king of efficient faction token farming; here are the numbers straight from Bungie.

  • Strikes now reward faction tokens at a range of 5 to 9 faction tokens per completion (up from 3 to 7)
  • Nightfall now rewards 10 to 18 faction tokens on first completion per character 
  • Completing Heroic Public Events now rewards 5 faction tokens (down from 8)
  • Destroying enemy resources no longer rewards faction tokens
  • Opening Lost Sector Chests now rewards 3 faction tokens for each fireteam member

Still doesn't seem like Strikes will be quite rewarding enough to justify their time commitment over shorter activities like lost sectors and public events. But hey, not everything you do during a rally has to be solely in the service of farming faction tokens. What about the rewards themselves? Let me direct you over to the experts on our main Faction Rally page.

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