Destiny 2 streamer denies claims that Bungie has "irrefutable evidence" of their involvement in recent leak

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Destiny 2 developer Bungie has given an update on the recent leak of Season 21 content, saying it has "irrefutable evidence" against the individual accused of sharing the confidential information revealed during a recent community summit.

In a tweet posted on the Destiny 2 Team Twitter account, Bungie said, "Our Security and Legal teams have reviewed irrefutable evidence, including video recordings, verified messages, and images demonstrating a pattern over time that confirm the same individual shared confidential information from Community Summits spanning multiple years."

It added, "We are very disappointed to have learned this information and wish that things had gone differently with this person. We do not take these actions lightly, and we are confident in our decision. This is our final communication on the matter."

Bungie didn't name the individual it believes is behind last week's leak, but popular Destiny 2 streamer Ekuegan claims to be the one the developer is pointing the finger at and has strongly denied the allegations. Speaking to Forbes, the streamer said, "I'm in so many NDAs [at the moment], why would I breach any? It's part of the job." He added, "I spent 14,000 hours on this game, multiple hours helping people in Grandmasters."

Ekuegan confirmed to Forbes that he did attend the recent Destiny 2 community summit, his fourth in total, and has now been banned from the game. Bungie is said to now consider the matter over and done with and won't be taking legal action against the streamer for breaking his non-disclosure agreement.

Bungie hasn't specified what evidence it has to back up its case, though according to Ekuegan, the developer established he was behind the leak from the desktop icons on his computer. In a tweet posted yesterday, the streamer addressed the situation, saying, "All I know is, that company made a huge mistake and I will clear my name. I am working on it."

Earlier this month, Bungie acknowledged Destiny 2 Lightfall's disappointing launch and has promised solutions to the game's biggest problems. "Over the last few years, the team has set a high bar for what to expect from Destiny 2's evolving world, and we're committed to making sure the resolution of our first saga lives up to that legacy," said game director Joe Blackburn.

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