Destiny 2 coming in 2017, "large" expansion later this year

There's no trailer, no gameplay information, no previews, but it's official: Destiny 2 is coming, and coming soon. As part of its fourth-quarter financial report, publisher Activision revealed that a full-fledged sequel to Bungie's sci-fi shooter - which may or may not end up being called "Destiny 2" - is coming in 2017.

To tide you over until then, Bungie and Activision will be releasing another notable expansion for the original Destiny sometime in 2016. Like the aforementioned sequel, there are no details on what this will bring, only that it’s a "large new expansion." Strikes and Raids seem like a given, but if I may give my own two cents, I think it's high time this MMO-like game added pets. Start with space corgis and go from there.

The news of these two impending products follows a report from last October that Bungie planned to shift from providing two smaller DLCs and an expansion (as it did with The Dark Below, House of Wolves, and The Taken King, respectively) to a schedule alternating between one expansion and one new game every year.

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Sam Prell

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