Destiny 2 Pride pin and emblem sales will support Trans Lifeline non-profit this month

Destiny 2 Pride
(Image credit: Bungie)

November profits from sales of the Pride pin available in Bungie's store will support the Trans Lifeline non-profit, as the developer announced in a new in-game notice for Destiny 2. 

Community manager dmg04 shared the message on Twitter. "During November, Bungie standing with the transgender and gender-nonconforming community to raise awareness and work to end anti-trans violence," it reads. "All profits of the Bungie Store's Pride pin will benefit Trans Lifeline to provide support."

The $15 Bungie Store Pride pin has been available for some time, and it comes with a special True Colors emblem mirroring its rainbow color scheme, but Bungie's got special plans for Transgender Awareness Week, which begins November 13. Dmg04 said Bungie won't have news this week, but will share more details in a coming blog post. 

Earlier this year, Bunge introduced an internal trans diversity initiative to provide support and improve the environment at the studio. At the time, Destiny engineer and Trans at Bungie founding member David Setser teased that "we'll be introducing a new trans-themed emblem later this year to celebrate Transgender Awareness Week in November." 

"We're still working out the details, but it will be linked to the existing Pride pin in some way, and as with other similar offers, the profits will go to an appropriate charity," they added. It sure sounds like the appropriate charity has been decided, so that new emblem, which will presumably visibly integrate the trans flag colors, ought to pop up soon. 

Bungie released a Black Lives Matter pin last year, and in September it formed another initiative to make Destiny 2 and its future games more accessible.

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