Destiny 2 players rally to support a fellow Guardian dealing with family tragedy

(Image credit: Bungie)

The Destiny 2 community has once again come together to support a fellow player in need, this time assisting a Guardian dealing with a family tragedy.

Earlier this week, Reddit user Bankrober0 shared a photo of him playing Destiny 2 on a laptop in a hospital maternity ward, joking that he was "awaiting the arrival of a new Guardian." The post took off on Reddit, but was pulled shortly after. In a new post, Bankrober0 explained why. 

"Currently my little light is sitting inside the NICU attached to machines being kept alive," he wrote. "The general consensus with a large team of doctors is that she is not going to make it … The reason I deleted my previous post was that I found it very difficult to continually be hit with messages of congratulations while I knew that my daughter is in a critical state." 

Bankrober0 added, "I want to thank the Destiny community for being there for me during the most difficult time of my life." In response, the community flooded the GoFundMe set up for his daughter's care with donations and condolences. The comments on Reddit and the GoFundMe are awash with supportive quotes, most notably a river of "Eyes up, Guardian." 

That GoFundMe is still open, if you'd like to donate yourself. According to the family member who created it, "the intent was to help [the family] be able to stay together during this tragedy and not have to worry about returning to work right away" by offsetting "medical costs that climb every day." 

In May, Fallout 76 players came together to help a famous player recover from a house fire. 

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