Destiny 2 players find cheeses to get powerful gear from the new raid and Shattered Throne dungeon

Destiny 2: Forsaken wouldn't be much of a Destiny expansion without a few good cheeses. We've already seen a curious Blind Well exploit fueled by the exotic fusion rifle Telesto, plus a method to outright remove the enemies from the first fight of the Last Wish raid, but players are just now getting into the really questionable cheeses. This week alone, players discovered a way to skip most of the final fight in the new Last Wish raid, as well as a glitch that lets you loot the entire Shattered Throne dungeon without having to fight anything. 

Schendzie posted the above video showing the (latest) Last Wish exploit in action. Immediately, something's a bit off: Schendzie and his team start the encounter against Riven with everyone in the left 'crystal' room rather than the usual split of three left and three right. From there, instead of doing a rotation of eyes and symbols and stages - you know, the entire fight - they go from the left room to the right 'tree' room using a bugged corner of the arena. For some reason, this corner doesn't register on the map properly, so when you stand in it the game teleports you up to the start of the encounter. This allowed Schendzie's team to dogpile the right room where Riven appeared and promptly fire several dozen rockets into her mouth. It turns out that kills her. Who would've thought? 

The strange thing about this cheese is that just shooting a bunch of cluster bomb rockets at Riven isn't unusual. That corner of the crystal room is clearly bugged, but Schendzie and his team only used it to get to Riven, not to kill her. In other words, even after the teleport is fixed, there's seemingly nothing to stop teams from crowding into one room and restarting the fight until Riven appears in that room - nothing but power, that is. As Schendzie explained on Reddit, everyone needs to be around 580 power or higher in order to deal enough damage for this rocket strategy to work. After all, if you fail to kill Riven in one shot, with nobody in the other room to call out which of her eyes to shoot, you're guaranteed to wipe. 

But while the rocket raid cheese may be tough to fix, the Shattered Throne cheese highlighted in the above video from Ninja Pups calls for a pretty straightforward patch. It relies on a classic Destiny cheese: fiddling with death timers. As Ninja Pups explained, all you need to do is load into the Throne with a buddy, get some enemies to spawn, and kill yourselves. When the death timer hits zero, one of you needs to select and confirm "change characters" from the options menu. The person who changes characters will leave the fireteam, but when the remaining player spawns back in, no enemies will appear and they'll instantly receive their powerful loot drop from the Throne. You and your friend can easily reverse the roles and repeat this process for every encounter in the Throne. As Ninja Pups said, "this is super broken and Bungie should definitely fix this." 

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Austin Wood

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